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The Second Sith Empire & The Second Sith Exiles  -  Community and Cooperation
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Guild Name: The Second Sith Empire & The Second Sith Exiles
Established: August 1st, 2012 (Imperial) / July 11, 2016 (Republic)
Faction: Imperial/Republic
Server: The Ebon Hawk
Officers: Aniant, Ezri'bass, Fazin, Javanda, Pakka, Ryakiri, Stavia, Yumkimil

Originally established as a home for the many characters of the few early members the guild quickly, and most unexectedly became a tight knit community of players focused on enjoying the many aspects of the game. The guild name itself speaks to the original role playing aspect of the guild, as does the guild Charter. However, as one might expect the guild has quickly changed from the original vision of a small group of individuals housing their alts to become a much more elaborate enterprise with the input of many others.

Most guilds have an in game focus typically associated with whatever game the guild exists in. Whether that focus be PVE raiding, role playing or PVP warzones most guilds build their user base from players who share the same focus. While The Second Sith Empire offers events and players that cater all all aspects of in game content, we do have a focus. Our focus is on community, first and foremost. This guild exists not to form raid groups, or pvp sessions or pvp duels. We exist to form and support a community. Which in turn helps us to help our members enjoy every aspect of the game.

One thing many guilds are guilty of is cliqism, that is the practice of having select groups of players who work closely together but are often exclusionary of new players. In my experience with the guild that's one thing I've found to not be the case with The Second Sith Empire. Thanks in no small part to our focus on community, we are exceptionally open and welcoming to new players. That's not to say the veteran's and regular players don't have a clique, just that it's an open and acception one. So new players who wish to participate in that tight knit group have every opportunity to do so. A fact played out by the variety of officers we've had over the years and the return rate of players who have left the game for one reason or another and returned months or years later.

One of the biggest activities we do as a guild is running missions together to help level up lower level players and gear up higher level players. Ultimately we want our characters and our members to "grow up" together so to speak. We want to cultivate a guild of players who have been through thick and thin, know how each other play and are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses we all have. We want to be able to run large operations with skilled players that have gained those skills, levels and gear through interactive play within the guild.

We cater to the needs of our members. The guild is only as good as those who participate in it. Members get to choose through their attendance at guild events what they want the guild to focus on. One week may be PvP, the next may be PvE, but the entire time we try to keep all activities running at a regular pace so that no one is left out. Only through interaction with guild members and feedback from our members can we guide the guild in the right direction.

The most important thing to me as the guild founder is to have a group of people who want to get together and have fun. If you aren't interested in gaming with others, helping fellow guildmates or participating in guild events then this probably isn't the guild for you. In fact if you aren't interested in those things you probably shouldn't join a guild. Guilds are meant for people to interact with each other and to build a community. How a guild goes about doing that is what distinguishes one guild from the next. If you aren't interested in those fundamental functions of a guild, chances are you're best left to your own devices and a guild isn't something you should be looking to join.

- Yum'kimil, Founder and GM