Planetary Conquest

The Second Sith Empire: Planetary Conquest Tool

The Planetary Conquest Tool below has been newly redesigned to contain and display Planetary Conquest information and analytics for The Second Sith Empire, The Second Sith Expeditionary, and The Second Sith Exiles guilds. Data is current as of 2018 and is updated regularly, so check back often!


Additional Planetary Conquest Links

The conquest tool above is maintained by members of The Second Sith Empire.  However, there are additional references related to Planetary Conquest activities in Star Wars: The Old Republic that you may find useful.  Some of the information contained in these web sites is slightly inaccurate and/or out of date.  However, you may find them useful:

View The Second Sith Empire's Conquest Progression at SW:TOR Tracker

Dulfy's Guide to Planetary Conquests

SW:TOR Conquest Guide by SWTORista